June 25th, 2013

Ruins (post apoc)

Vacuum Oil

Here's an older set (from April) I kind of forgot about, as the location was less photogenic than I'd hoped. I didn't get many photos here because the state of ruin and water damage just wasn't terribly interesting material... this place was a mess.

In any case, Vacuum Oil (a business you've likely never heard of) was formed in 1866 here in my hometown, and eventually grew to become Mobil Oil (a corporation I'd be surprised if you didn't know). The facility was spread across a large riverfront property to facilitate shipping and receiving, but now these old buildings are either abandoned and crumbling or in use by small businesses who seem disinterested in cleaning up the property.

From the research I've done, I found that the particular building I explored was converted to a wholesale food distributor called Veteran Foods back in the 50s, though more recently it housed a thrift store on the first floor, a photography studio on the second, and a dance studio on the third. Today, the only things this building contains are the unsold and rotting, waterlogged items the thrift store failed to sell, rolls of discarded, expired film and the remnants of a squatter camp.

Oh, and a creepy teddy bear in a chair.

The Watcher | Vacuum Oil

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9 Desolate Ghost Towns.

Found this link, courtesy of weather.com. It's a link to 9 desolate ghost towns from around the world and starts out with an abandoned "UFO complex" in Taiwan.

I do have a photo I plan to take of an odd abandoned sort of thing... a telephone pole that's in the middle of a copse of trees on the campus where I work. It's always fascinated me; I just have to make the time to traipse in there and get a picture. That's my way of saying that I hope to not always post links to someone else's fun photography. ;)
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