July 11th, 2013

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Abandoned Places – Fort Worth, TX (Dec 12) – part 4

Sorry folks, I would have posted these photos almost two weeks ago, but I got called away on a very short notice business trip. That also why several moderated posts didn’t get approved till this morning.

Location #3 – The Swift Meat Packing Complex
 photo DSC06230FCa.jpg
It was hard to find a wall or surface that didn’t have a fresh coat of paint. If anything, as discouraged as it should be, the paint sealed walls were actually better preserved and wear was limited in those areas. That said tagging is a felony in some areas.

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Kakola prison, Turku, Finland in June 2011.

Turku central prison, commonly known as Kakola, roots back to 1840's when the first parts of the correctional facility were finished building on a rocky hill in central Turku. The main building was designed by Ernst Lohrmann. It took eight years to build it and it was finished by 1853. The granite for the building was quarried off the hill itself. The county prison was built in 1890.

The facilities served as army barracks for a time but they were turned back into prison again in 1859. The third major facility in the area, the prison asylum was built between 1905 and 1908.

Kakola served as a prison all the way until 2007. By then a new, more modern prison had been finished building in the outskirts of the city. Kakola prison and all the other historical buildings on the hill are protected by law. So they can not be demolished, but it is still uncertain what will happen to them in the years to come. Kakola has been closed from the public since 2011, when the last guided tours took place there. What is sure is the surroundings of Kakola hill will be changing drastically, as there are plans to build a whole new housing area on the foot and the slopes of the hill. Only time will tell.

Anyways: I visited the prison on a guided tour on 6th of June, 2011. All photos are courtesy of my boyfriend, who kindly gave me permission to publish them.


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