July 15th, 2013


Summer camp with a retro car

Оригинал взят у saoirse_2010 в Пионерский лагерь с ретро-автомобилями

Podmoskovnie forests store a huge number of people abandoned buildings. Some buildings are in ruins, and some hardly affected by time. The most common old military installations, research institutions and pioneering lagerya.Uvidet anything unusual in the past is unlikely, but we were lucky. On the territory of one of children's camp was a small cemetery of vintage cars.

First, we caught an old GAZ-M (the people "emka"), who was standing near the abandoned summer camp buildings.

Подмосковные леса хранят огромное количество покинутых людьми строений. Какие-то здания уже превратились в руины, а некоторые практически не пострадали от времени. Чаще всего встречаются старые военные объекты, научные учреждения и пионерские лагеря.Увидеть что-либо необычное в последних маловероятно, но нам повезло. На территории одного детского лагеря оказалось небольшое кладбище ретро-автомобилей.

Первым нам попался старенький ГАЗ-М (в народе "эмка"), который стоял недалеко от заброшенных корпусов пионерского лагеря.

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bloom county: opus dear lj

Holy Rosary Institute, Lafayette, LA

Lafayette is the closest city to my small town, and I wouldn't have thought it had too many abandoned places in it. But I discovered this old Catholic high school by accident a couple weeks ago and went back on Saturday. It's behind a chainlink fence, but there was an old man mowing the property when I went, and he let me wander around provided I didn't try to enter the building. (It's not safe, collapsed floors and such. And anyway it's all boarded up.) I don't know how long it's been abandoned; looks like a while, but things tend to fall apart faster in hot and humid (and bug-y and vine-y) climates like south Louisiana.


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