September 9th, 2013

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Река Немышля - эпоха индустриализации и сталианса. Жанр и индустриальный пейзаж. Часть 1.

Друзья, начну фоторассказ. Встретились значит мы с tk_schatten возле метро Киевская и пошли гулять, говоря о том, о сём, пощёлкивая затворами в пути...

(Один из основных объектов прогулки - самый модерновый дом в Харькове на Пролетарской 10)

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Abandoned children's hospital

Today, in his report, I would like to tell you about an interesting and gloomy abandoned places visited in the spring of this year. Locked Children's Hospital in very good condition - as many as 4 floors cabinets, boxes, there is a games room, operating room and much more. Alas, for the year 2011-2013 in the city of Moscow has been cut and torn down many hospitals. They say that now there will be a hotel or office building, and the hospital attached to one of the other major. Meanwhile, I suggest that walk the corridors and feel the atmosphere of an empty and forgotten buildings of the former hospital.

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