November 5th, 2013

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Ruined House and Shearing Shed - Seven Gates, Lake Eucumbene NSW, Australia

Last Friday, my husband (who owns a fully certified UAV aerial photography business) took me along for the 2hr drive for one of his rural property aerial photography jobs.

When we reached the property, I wandered aimlessly up a hill, enjoying the view and marvelling at the fact there was still snow in the distance. From there I had a beautiful view of Lake Eucumbene (pronounced "you-come-been") and I spied the ruins of a shed on another hill in the distance. Since it fell into this side of the nature reserve, I casually mentioned that it would be interesting to take a closer look. I thought he'd just fly over from where we were and take a few passes once he'd finished his work. Instead when he was finished, he bundled his rig back into the car, shooed me round to the passenger side and off we drove, looping around along the road in the general direction of the shed. It was not a smooth ride - the graded dirt road ended and suddenly we bumping along the remains of where the road once was. Huge tufts of grass where sprouting up in the middle - no-one had driven along here in a long while. I held my breath as he swung around the muddy parts. No way was the NRMA coming all the way out here to get us unstuck if we got bogged!

We came to a gate and I got out to open it - the thing was so rusted, I wondered briefly if I'd be able to open it. I needn't have worried - it had no hinges, held in place by a flimsy piece of rusted wire. I had to lift and drag it out of the way and we drove a little further in. That's when I noticed the two lone fireplaces that had been behind the trees...

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