December 14th, 2013

Abandoned farmhouse

There are so many of these dotting the Ontario landscape. Many are the result of a farm dying off, being bought out by a conglomerate of mega farms. However sometimes success is key; the family do so well that they build a modern home on their land. Whatever the cause, these little homes are beautiful, even and especially in decay.


This one is in its death throes, but it may have years left in it for explorers to enjoy the dilapidation.


The lighting is always ambient in these places, pours in through ruined rooftops and shattered windows. It's a source of distress among many explorers that vandals destroy that which is abandoned. I however, am a fatalist, and am generally content to allow time to take its course. Vandals will always exist, and I'm more interested in documenting the flow of the world then trying to squirrel away little gems of locations for myself.