January 13th, 2014

Awash in Red

The Halcyon Project

Hello all. This entry will be a bit different from my normal location-based ones, but hopefully you will enjoy it nonetheless...

It's been a while since my last post, and honestly my entries here have been a bit sparse for a while now, averaging maybe one a month or so I believe. This is not in any way due to the fact that Christina and I have grown wary of crawling around in smelly old buildings, but because we have actually taken up some projects that are quite a bit more "substantial" in nature, and therefore much more time-consuming. One of which is a full-fledged documentary film which we have been working on since early on in 2013. Let me tell you plainly (something that is already an obvious fact) - a film is a lot of work. In fact it turned out to be a bit more than we anticipated, however it has also come to be much more rewarding an experience than we would have ever imagined. Being as the entirety of this film is being crafted by two people (Christin and myself), and shot using as much equipment as can fit in the back of a single Jeep Wrangler, we have more-or-less forced upon ourselves a crash-course in film making. There were times when we felt overwhelmed, but strangely that feeling also generated a kind of motivation as well, in that we became determined to persevere over the hardships, so that we could one day be proud in the fact that we didn't give up. We are currently still filming, though only a handful of interviews remain. The true bulk of the work is behind us now, and I must say I'm quite proud with what things are shaping up to be. Included at the end of this (wall of) text is a link to our website. On there you can read up a bit more about the film, and also follow the Facebook page link which will be a forum for imagery, updates, and Q&A's.

Antiquity Echoes has grown a lot over the past several years. Since day one Christina and I have always focused on the fundamental ideals of preservation, education, and public awareness. In doing so we have been able to reach many individuals who otherwise may never have paid attention to a website or YouTube channel about abandoned locations, and in turn, hopefully granted upon them a new perspective into these discarded places, and the historical value which they hold in our society.

People may know of the old Bennett School, be it from seeing it in person, hearing about it from a friend, or reading about it online. The aesthetics of the place alone draw in curiosity seekers on a near-daily basis, as they stop upon the roadside to snap a photo with their phone, or simply stare for a few minutes before driving on. Sadly, its outward appearance is the most known aspect of the old school. What stands upon the hilltop today is but a weathered shell of what was. Though badly aged, there is no denying that she is still beautiful, and even though it has been over 30 years since the last lecture was held in her decayed halls, she still has much to teach us. This is the Halcyon Project - HalcyonHall.com

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