February 16th, 2014


White Flint Mall

I noticed a story about White Flint Mall on MetaFilter today. I have always found malls to be special places. I grew up in the 80s and one local mall that was characteristically dark turned this around by the early 1990s to light and bright. The use of space always fascinates me, and malls where you can count the decades (like West Edmonton Mall) just make them seem more curiouser.

Speaking of local malls, one mall has completely changed over in the 20 years that I have lived in Calgary. Franklin Mall was a dark mall and it's slow death was very depressing. It had the world's saddest pet store, a hobby store, a Western store...it had a Consumers Distributing (for those Canadians that remember that). It had a Zellers that moved out before 1994...I worked there briefly when it was a Quilted Bear craft store. Now it has been completely renovated as an Asian mall, Pacific Place, inside and will be redone outside this year. Even the aging strip mall across the street from that is getting a makeover...there's always hope for malls!

Abandoned house

Abandoned house in western Finland. Built in 1890 and burn't 1926 and rebuilt 1929. 2004 bought to a summer house and
abandoned spring 2007 after massive water damage. During the years local kids break the windows and drink booze
inside but didn't do any big damage. We bought this house spring 2013 and maybe it's someday back in liveable condition.
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