February 23rd, 2014

Horse: Tim Flach photo

Sign for a pachinko parlor long gone

I hope this is okay--there's no location in this photo, just a sign.

Pachinko parlors are everywhere here in Japan--and so are abandoned ones.  There are several in my town alone; someday I really want to get out and photograph them.

This is the sign for a parlor that no longer exists; the building is long gone, and all that remains is this sign, garish even in daytime, and its similar companion not far from it.  It's on the road to Sano.

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Woodman Point Munitions Facility

Woodman Point Munitions Facility was a munition dump about 20km south of Perth, Australia which (presumably) opened during World War Two and was decommissioned in the 1980’s.  After being closed down, it was designated Australia’s smallest National Park because of Rottnest Pines growing in the area. [source]
I've never been to a National Park surrounded by a barbwire fence before, but there are few buildings left that look like they could be blown over by a stiff breeze; maybe the fence is there is save dimwits from themselves.
It’s quite a large facility, so large in fact that it necessitated its own railway. Besides from the few buildings left, the area is full of munition bunkers; some of which are nearly invisible in the thick scrub.
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