March 13th, 2014


Abandoned House in NH

Unfortunately I don't know much of the history behind this house, though I have searched. It's obvious that it's last residents were elderly. There are emergency numbers posted next to the phone and some notes and letters that indicate that the owners were of old age. The circumstances of this house are really strange. It looks as though someone intended on repairing it, there is a new door in plastic and some new sheetrock placed on the floor, but it appears to have been sitting there for years. The house isn't for sale and it isn't cleaned out. The garage still has clothes, lawn mowers, and tools. It's really sad. The wallpaper in this house is just beautiful.

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NC Main Street Mansions

Mods, it's been forever since I posted something here. I re-read the community rules, but please let me know if I'm doing something wrong so I can edit it.

There are two old, abandoned Colonial-style brick homes on nearby Main Street, and every time I drive by them I want to get out and finally, I did.

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