April 6th, 2014

Awash in Red

Greystone's Last Stand

Christina and I are very adamant about architectural preservation, and we firmly believe that there is simply no greater monument to a time in history than the buildings which they leave behind. Due to this, we are currently collaborating with the organization Preserve Greystone to create "Greystone's Last Stand". It is a film which will document these turbulent times for Greystone Psychiatric Hospital, and in the end, its final fate.

If we lose Greystone, it will not only be a terrible blow to national history, architectural preservation, and environmental accountability, but it will be a great disservice to future generations who will never be allowed to experience this monument to architectural engineering and psychiatric medicine.

Please, if you like what we're creating here, share it around. We want word to spread about the state's plan to level the old hospital. The demolition of Greystone will be an event universally regretted by future generations. What we have sitting abandoned in New Jersey is a historical gem. Something to be celebrated, not destroyed.

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