April 18th, 2014

TOP legendary places of Urban Exploration world via GeneralKosmosa

I decide to write about the unique places, including the Chernobyl exclusion zone, Paris catacombs, gigantic radar stations, underground secret facilities and other miracles which have created by human hands. Somewhere I managed to get, somewhere I tryed, somewhere will not destined to visit for me. If there are spots in the world, while you visit which dfeeling like a king - this story about them. Under seal of abandonment, unfulfilled human hopes, and collapsed ideologies - parallel world, to whom I gave part of my soul. They are shadow of history, hidden from extraneous eyes behined fence with barbed wire, hundreds meters under ground and the government, which decided that I should not see it.

Оригинал на русском

I decided to make a list of most interesting locations related with world of Urban Exploration. I don't want to indulge in wishful thinking, but more abruptly places I just dont know.

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