April 20th, 2014

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House 10-27

I know I've posted photos before of places that look very much as if they were abandoned, but in many cases they're not--it seems that people will continue to live in, or at least use, a building here long past the point where in America it would be condemned and left to rot, or to the tender mercies of the wrecker's ball.

A couple weeks ago, however, I found a place in town that really and truly is abandoned.

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A wee house

Here's one of those "shotgun shack"-type houses that you see around here.  There's a small cluster of them across the main road not far from my house, about a 10-minute walk.  Some of them are still lived in, with cheerful gardens bursting with flowers and the promise of fresh vegetables in the summer, bicycles parked outside, and makeshift awnings spreading over the detritus associated with a busy house.

Then there's this place.
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The mostly empty apartment building

Is it possible for a place to be partly abandoned?

There's a group of apartment buildings, four in all, not far from my house, all alike.  I'd never gotten very close to them until fairly recently, when the dogs decided they wanted to go up there during one of our morning walks.

Seen from afar, they look pretty dingy--the landscaping desperately needs tending, as does the paint (at the very least, a good power washing would go a long way).  A dispirited-looking slide and swing set attests to the former, if not current, presence of children.

Approaching the apartments from the rear, you can see that some of them are indeed still occupied, with bikes, gardening implements, profusions of colorful flowers and laundry hanging outside.  Others, not so much.  I desperately wanted to take a photo of the back yard of one apartment that was completely and horribly overgrown with a huge, intimidating tangle of weeds that looked to be taller than I am; unfortunately, there was an elderly lady working in her garden right next to it, and I didn't feel right about taking the photo.

The other day, I saw that one of these buildings seems to have occupants in the two apartments on the ends; the ones in the middle seem to not be in use.
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