April 27th, 2014


Abandoned Farmhouse in Monegeetta, Victoria, Australia

So we went out roadtripping and I didn't take my camera.  And we found a gorgeous little abandoned farmhouse.  Of course.  It seems I learnt nothing from my previous experience.

I had my phone with me, at least, so I hopped out and snapped a few photos, watched all the while by curious sheep.

Monegeetta Farmhouse

I love the arched tops of those vacant front windows but what's with the almost brand-new roof? It seems out of place but it's also possible the house is being used to store hay. I couldn't get close enough to find out.

Monegeetta Farmhouse (a little closer)

Monegeetta is also home to Mintaro, a grand but decaying mansion that was bought last year for just under three million dollars.