May 17th, 2014

Pyro <3

Abandoned Strip Mall

In Warren, Oh! Though most of the town is like this but boarded up.
[more and bigger pics here]
Maybe a hair salon?
Inside, it seems so.

wigs too?

No idea what this was.

maybe a food place?

smelt really bad so we didnt go inside.
no idea what this place was
Different little part. No name on it.

This was a dollar store.

This is my bf's picture from 4 years ago.
of the same place.

weird pic he took of that guy haha
and now.
probably the register
didnt see a single camera
a different area no idea what it was. smelt again and didnt want to walk in
had to lean awkwardly over something to take this sorry for the bad quality.
meats place