June 5th, 2014

Hitting the Jackpot Part One

I found this place on Google Earth while trying to find a completely different abandoned property in the town where I went to college. Unsure at first if it was abandoned, I had to do some serious digging. Eventually it became clear that no one had lived there in a long, long time and my best friend and I immediately made plans to explore.

Now, there is nowhere to park in said college town. Ever. Parking is metered, you can only stay in one spot for 90 minutes, and the on-campus parking is for students and faculty only, which I was no longer considered. We drove up and down the roads and eventually had to park about a mile and a half or more away in the Food Lion parking lot outside of town. But our little expedition to find a parking lot yielded an unexpected result:

We found three other abandoned properties. Three empty, decaying houses in a row on a back road. Jackpot.

But we'll get to those other ones later. This is about the first one, the main goal. A cozy little farmhouse rotting away in the sunshine of a long-forgotten field.

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