September 25th, 2014

в бандане
  • egorov

Battery prison Tallinn. A first chamber floor

Original taken from egorov in Battery prison Tallinn. Chamber of the first floor
And I still keep the prison theme. Let me remind you that the battery prison - an object with almost two centuries of history. Erected as a fortress, prison Battery perform its direct functions of almost one hundred years. Tens of thousands of people have been here - one swung term, others worked.

Now it is a cultural park or museum. But the walls and interiors all also conceal the suffering and negative, accumulated over decades, thousands and thousands of suffering souls, who were languishing in anticipation of release.

To visit the open, not all the premises, but only two sectors in the second and first floor. But to me it is enough to feel the horror of the place.

01 penetrates into one of the two open entrances. Apparently the service space.

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