Rusty Tagliareni (dark_fetus) wrote in abandonedplaces,
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The Abandoned of 2009

So... as I look back upon the past year,
I feel blessed to have been able to see and share as much as I have.
As a farewell to 2009 (and hello to 2010) I made a video up for our YouTube channel.
It features highlights from our outings over the past 9 months.
Some locations in the video are places I have posted about here,
other locations will not be familiar to some of you.
These are places I will be posting to this group in the near future.

Though I did not originally intend to post the video here, I now think that I should.
Perhaps to get people pumped up for the new year, or to reflect on their own past year.

In the end, all we (Christina and I) really wish is for people
to treat these places with a little more respect and dignity.
The members of this group seem like the type that do just that,
so it is you who I intended the video for anyway...

More than just rotting wood lies within these walls.
There's history to be learned, and knowledge to be instilled.

Wishing everyone the best in 2010, and to not fall through too many decaying floors...


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