March 15th, 2015

my girl

Abandoned Church or One-Room Schoolhouse: Visit #2

I originally explored this abandoned structure along Highway 1 in California during the summer of 2012.  In the summer of 2014, I ended up in the same area, and couldn't resist visiting again.

The electric fence between the highway and the field was new!  I think it was more for the cows that were in the field now instead of the trespassers.  Or at least I hoped.  The other major difference that struck me immediately was that the trees were gone.  I tried to take some similar shots to compare how the area had changed.  It just didn't seem to have the same feel on the second visit.  Ironically, comparing photos, much of the structure has remained untouched in the last two years.  Look at the window on the left front of the building, and the way the glass has slid half way down the frame.  It is identical in both the 2012 picture and the current ones!

school house
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