August 11th, 2015

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Antiquity Echoes - The Book

I want to preface this post by saying that I hope I'm not coming across as simply making a plug for our upcoming book. When I mentioned it in my last post here, people seemed very interested in knowing more about the book, and the upcoming release. If this goes against any community guidelines, I'm genuinely sorry. I love you guys, and don't want to do anything wrong here...

Anyway, as some here may already be aware - over the past year Christina and I have been working very hard on the creation of a coffee-table book with Skyhorse Publishing. This week the fruits of those labors have finally begun to arrive back from the printer, and are being prepped for sale. Titled "Antiquity Echoes" (the same as our website), the book contains a collection of stories about abandoned locations that run the gambit from overgrown asylums to decaying malls. You will not find ghost stories within, what we provide instead is an insightful celebration of the ephemeral beauty which can only be found in places left forgotten.

Furthermore, we really wanted to do something different with the opportunity Skyhorse had given us, so we went about integrating original videos into the book. At the end of most chapters you will find a QR code, when scanned with your smartphone or tablet, it will play a short cinematic film of the location which you just read about. Music for these videos was supplied by Worrytrain, an artist who we have long been fans of. The haunting soundtrack they provided was far more than we ever hoped for, and gives the entire book an air of dark mystery. We are beyond proud of what the end result is, and we hope everyone enjoys what we were able to create. The book will be on sale in book stores nationally beginning September 15th, however pre-orders are currently available on Amazon.

You can click the image to visit the page on Amazon.
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Villa Zanelli, Savona, probably by architect Gottardo Gussoni, from Turin, opened in 1907 year

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The beautiful Art Nouveau building overlooking the sea from Legino, Savona, has been completely abandoned since 1998, when it partially collapsed and had to be closed down. Villa Zanelli was likely designed by architect Gottardo Gussoni, from Turin, and inaugurated in 1907.


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