September 6th, 2015


Abandoned Greenhouse

During the late 1970s-early 1980s, entire neighborhoods were vacated to the north and south of the Seattle-Tacoma (Seatac) Int'l. Airport in WA. This was pursuant to airport expansion and resultant noise abatement. Houses were moved or razed, foundations removed, and the neighborhoods were allowed to revert to a wild state.

Two large parks were created in sections of this property, while a third is currently being turned into a business park. However, large sections remain untouched with abandoned streets, scrubby forests and brushy fields interlaced with "BMX" bike trails. While birding, I occasionally find traces of habitation--primarily pieces of foundation slabs and plants which are "out of place"--and sometimes I get lucky.

I found this small abandoned greenhouse south of the Seatac Airport near the Des Moines Creek Trail Park.

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On a darker side note, parts of these abandoned neighborhoods were used by serial killer Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, for murdering and also burial of his victims.
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