September 22nd, 2015

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By way of an apology

I come bearing gifts.

Yesterday I mistakenly posted something here that was supposed to have gone in my journal. There was a lot of responses and although I have deleted the entry here, it is currently up in my personal journal. if you would like to recommend there, you can find it here.

Instead, I will offer these. This is American Flats, a cyanide processing plant built back in the early 1900's outside of Gold Run, Nevada. We used to use it for real life Dungeons and Dragons. It was also used as movie set for "Lost Among the Stars" - it was horrid, but they cleaned up the place pretty well.


There is now another cyanide processing plant just north of American Flats and they have since fenced off the area. We've not been back in 25 years and I wonder what it looks like now.