October 4th, 2015


I must be getting old...

I was roaming around south of Seatac Airport (Washington) yesterday and saw something worth photographing along S. 200 St. It was part of the old Tyee Golf Course which closed last year. There were very prominent signs posted along the fence which gave me pause.

There was a time where I would have wandered into the woods, found a way through the fence, taken the photos (interior included) and if the cops came, talked my way out of arrest. Yesterday, though, I decided that this little building wasn't worth the risk, especially since there are a lot of towers and other equipment that are essential for the airport. So *groan* I must be getting old...:-D

Of course, if it was an abandoned industrial complex, all bets would have been off...

On a side note, the golf course closed because the Port of Seattle chose not to renew the lease. The Port said that places like golf courses--with their large grassy expanses--attract birds like geese which often run into planes in flight. The Port is restoring the golf course to its pre-developed state, planting native trees and shrubs in order to create songbird habitat. :)

Here is the warning sign; more photos under the cut.
 photo mini-DSCF0164.jpg

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