October 5th, 2015

tam oshanti

Michael Walsh poem on Oak and a thesis on air quality

On a Back Road, an Abandoned Barn

No one knows how many years
it took for the oak to rise

like a mast through the hole.
Its roots sunk to the bedrock.

Here on this shallow plain
its shade drifts and ripples

full as a sail. Each time
the breeze pushes this wreck

deeper into weeds, a rafter
snaps like rigging.

Oak tree 15th century

"A different view of the 15th Century Church with the giant Oak tree growing through the middle of it, this perspective gives a better view of the abandoned church itself. 7 Exposures combined in Photomatix and given a dreamy feel on purpose as i wanted to re-create the mist and daylight that entered through the windows when I was there." – Art Hakker photographer

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“The most curious result obtained appears to me to be that relating to the effect of a highly ozonized atmosphere upon the roots of plants.” – M. Carey Lea, 1864. The long history of trees: link