October 22nd, 2015

Antiquity Echoes - Now Available

I said I would make an announcement when the book Christina and I have been slaving over was finally available... well, here's that announcement!

I'm extremely proud to announce that 'Antiquity Echoes' is available for sale online, and has begun arriving in stores nationwide beginning on the 20th. The book, published by Skyhorse Publishing, is 300+ pages of abandoned locations, with a heavy focus on history and personal accounts. Our first review came in a few days ago, from a website called GoNomad. It states "Antiquity Echoes presents itself as 'A Photographed Tour of Abandoned America', but the book strikes an emotional chord far that's deeper than just a historical account."

We are really happy with that excerpt, as it was exactly what we were aiming for with the book. You can buy it now through Amazon, Walmart, or Barnes & Noble. We have set up a page on our site that links to those sellers pages.   You can reach it by clicking HERE.

Additionally, most people who have followed my work, or posts here on LJ will know that I almost always include a short cinematic video with each location entry. These are all filmed by my partner (and co-auther on this book) Christina Mathews. To include these in the book we utilized QR codes. There's one at the end of nearly every chapter, 15 in all, and when scanned they play a video of the location in the chapter. These videos are all exclusive to the book, and not available online. The soundtrack for the videos were all done by Worrytrain, who specializes in haunting compositions. Sometimes minimalist piano pieces, and other times fully orchestrated. You can hear a sampling of his work in the trailer video below.

Thank you everyone for the support throughout the years! For those curious - Once the dust settles from the book release, we will once again begin posting here in a somewhat regular fashion. We actually have nearly 20 locations worth of content backlogged!
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