Наталія Шевченко (tynjatka) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Наталія Шевченко

Khust Castle, The Carpathians, Ukraine

This castle was built in the XI c. as the Hungarian royal castle for the defence of the salt way. And it was destroyed by an explosion in the XVIII c. Now it is called as the Drakula Castle.
Certaintly, it is a legend, but you know, I can't download my pictures - only one, the first :-(

For me it was a quite strange and frighten place. Imagine, you have to go up during 1,5 hours to the empty woody hill with the cemetory in its half-way. It was unexpected, because these ruins are like in the centre of a small town. I was alone and in the half-way I was completely afraid and wanted to go back, but it was shame to do it and pity... So I walked up and up, with a hope to meet people at least in the top. I saw people only twice. And you know, in such a place you don't know is it better or not :-). Then, in the top it was even more awful. I was alone, only with stones and "jungles"... I ran there and tried to do photos with my hands trembling... and then I really ran down... As a result I reduced near 3 kg :-) or more....

These photos from here: http://realt.org/photo/11


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