January 4th, 2016

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Newcomer & Photos

Hello everyone,

I'm new to LJ and to the community, but not new to urban exploration. I hope I will be welcomed into this community with open arms!

For my first post, Here's some photos I took at the NEMHC (Northeast Mental Health Centre) in North bay, Ontario. Now demolished.

Here is some information about NEMHC from the Ontario Abandoned Places website:

The 56-year-old Northeastern Mental Health Centre (NEMHC) became surplus in 2011 when the former North East Mental Health Centre and North Bay and District Hospital merged onto one site to become the North Bay Regional Health Centre, located on Highway 17 West.

The site was once slated to become a regional jail, including a 50-bed secure-treatment unit for male offenders and a 192-bed pod for remanded inmates and short-term sentenced inmates. The proposed facility, announced in 2000 by the Conservative government while former Nipissing MPP Mike Harris was premier, was to replace the existing North Bay Jail as well as Monteith Correctional Facility near Timmins.

The project hit a snag when it was determined it would cost an additional $15-million to extend city and water services to the site.

The psychiatric hospital building has sat empty for two years.

Before demolition crews arrived on site, Infrastructure Ontario circulated the property to determine if there were any further government requirements for re-use of the entire site. There were no takers.

"The property isn't currently for sale at this time. We have done some circulation for potential government use and we're still in that process," Giffen said Tuesday.

The prime real estate land will be left vacant and the land where the hospital once stood will be grass.

Demoilition took place January 2013.


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