March 22nd, 2016

bob marley

Abandoned cemetery for motorcycles

Originally posted by samsebeskazal at Заброшенное кладбище мотоциклов

For almost 50 years, Walter Kohl, motorcycle enthusiast from the small town of Lockport, Upstate New York, engaged in the business of buying and selling spare parts for old motorcycles. He bought countrywide motorcycles, engines, frames, mufflers, wheels, and everything that was connected with motorcycles and was suitable for resale. Apparently, buying it more than selling as spare parts over the years accumulated so much that at one point he had to buy a large industrial building to store all the parts on two floors.


In the 90 's he could no longer pursue his hobby and sold the building and all of its contents to another cycle enthusiast named Frank, who continued the business but in 2010 the building began to fall into disrepair and decay. Money on costly repairs for Frank was not possible. After part of the roof collapsed, the city authorities banned access to the premises and then decide to pick up building ownership and all of its contents due to unpaid taxes. Following a Court case, Frank won and gave him a month to the remove all property. He sold and removed from the building all that he could, but there were so many parts that they simply had nowhere to put them and a lot had to be left to rot inside. When a court allowance of a month was over, the building passed into the ownership of the city, who closed and locked the doors, and motorcycles palace inside was simply forgotten. The abandoned building continued to deteriorate. From holes in the roof, water flowed from what began to rot the floors. At some point a portion of the second floor, along with motorcycles collapsed and fell. As such, the building stood until the summer of 2013, and its only visitors are rats, birds and lovers of abandoned places.

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