April 16th, 2016

  • cris6

Old bread factory in Vigo, Spain

Hi everybody, I am new to this community, although I've been reading you for a very long time.
Before moving to Baltimore, I had never been very interested in abandoned places. But since I moved, I became fascinated with them. I have seen many pics of Baltimore here, so I thought I will show you some interesting abandoned places from my birth place.

The first one is an old bread factory. It is located in the city center. It opened in 1924 and closed its last operating building in 1980.It has been left to rot since that day.
The photos are from the internet, because I don't live there anymore. I hope you like the place.

  • cris6

Abandoned residential care home and church, Vigo.

An abandoned church and residential care home building in Vigo, Spain. It is located right next to the old bread factory from my other post. It has been abandoned for 16 years, and as you can see it has been used for drug activity and as a shelter for homeless people. I don't take credit for the pics.

This is where the altar used to be.

The elevator is gone.
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