September 2nd, 2016


An Update on Clarrissa

Clarrissa lived with us for six months. Most of that time her three-year-old son, Hunter, spent alternate weeks with us too. We encouraged her to be reconciled with Hunter's dad, Tyler, but she started seeing another fellow. That situation led to her loss of a good job at Chick-fil-A I'm guessing. However, she didn't tell us until after we had signed a six-month apartment lease for her.

Tyler spent a lot of time with her at the apartment, even having a fight with the "boyfriend" which got rid of the boyfriend. After the lease was up, Clarrissa moved in with Tyler's family - his mom, step dad, and four little brothers in a single wide trailer.

She got pregnant again, and we got to be at the birth (C-section) of the cutest little fellow they named "Ethan." He's now one month old. They have moved (along with his family) three times during the year she was with them and ended up about 40 miles from us. Tyler has been out of a job most of that time. We help with transportation.

Tyler now has a possibility of a job back in this area, so they may be moving back. They will still be living with more of Tyler's extended family if they do. Clarrissa is VERY anxious to get a job of her own; she doesn't like living in poverty. It's hard to hold a job if you don't have a permanent place to live and a means of transportation. There's no public transportation in this area so you have to have a car or