October 26th, 2016


Moderator Note - Language requirements

Folks, I've taken a hands off approach to the community for a while, but there's been a number of great posts with a major problem. The posts have no English translation which is required in the community rules.

Why English required?

Ladies and Gents, this isn't an ego trip for me. This is also not an English superiority thing either. This is totally about readability across the world.

About 95% of the on-line translation sites will accurately convert English to any other language. Only 60% of these sites will correctly translation Russian to any other language. Russian language to English to some other language induces errors.

This isn't rocket science. To our Russian language users, this isn't a jab at you but this isn't negotiable either. To those who say that the pictures speak for themselves, great - remove the text entirely! I would rather have no misunderstandings in this amazing community then have a hothead in some part of the world take a miss-translation wrong or someone get in harms way for the same reason.

I'm offering two good options: add a translation or remove all text. If you want to argue this, please go elsewhere.