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Bannerman's Castle Collapses

Bannerman's Castle --- WWW.XYDEXX.COM
Bannerman's Castle in May 2008

I got some distressing news from fellow ruin-explorer Rob Yasinsac the other day: A large section of Bannerman's Castle, the abandoned weapons arsenal on the Hudson River, collapsed sometime last weekend.

I first started visiting Bannerman's Castle about twenty years ago, and every year we'd always notice the structures would crumble a little more. Now there's a huge piece missing from the main tower, and this no doubt makes the whole building dangerously unstable.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be enough money to preserve all the buildings on the island. Only a month ago, the Bannerman's Castle Trust was trying to raise funds to restore one of the towers on the breakwater because the foundation has deteriorated to the point where it may fall into the river by the end of this winter.

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