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Abandoned Places – The Lyric Theatre versus The Alabama Theatre (July 09)

As promised, here’s more photos of the beautiful old theater in Birmingham, Alabama I posted before. Part of the reason I got to shoot inside The Lyric Theatre was to compare and contrast the condition of the Lyric, versus the condition of the fully restored Alabama Theatre across the street. The folks who own The Alabama also own The Lyric and due to some personal and professional connections, I had free run of both buildings to shoot over nearly six hours. Obviously this gave me and two other photographers/explorers time to see things that many folks would never notice on a causal tour. It also resulted in 400+ photos just from my camera. Thus said, I’m going to be posting these images for some time to come.

The Lyric Theatre – Original exit sign

The Lyric Theatre – Grand passage ‘behind’ the main floor seating

The Alabama Theatre – Grand passage / gallery


The Lyric Theatre – 2nd Balcony detail of seating (this area has some of the few remaining original seats)

The Alabama Theatre – Seat detail


The Lyric Theatre - Ceiling lights and decay

The Lyric Theatre - Detail of one of the two remaining light fixtures

The Alabama Theatre – Detail of house lights

The Alabama Theatre – Detail of stage lights


The Lyric Theatre – The organ lift at the back of the stage/dressing area

The Alabama Theatre – The organ lift below the front of the stage


The hope the historical society has is to restore The Lyric to a live venue and perverse it as a living historical museum. Their goal is to restore it to this condition.

The Alabama Theatre – from the main balcony

The Alabama Theatre – from the main stage looking into the theatre galleries

If you would like to assist in the restoration and recovery of The Lyric, donations can be made through their website ( http://www.lyricfineartstheatre.com/ ) and potentially through special events and activities to be announced in the near future. Folks, I’ll be posting more images (normal and comparison sets) soon.

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