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Little Stone Houses

I have been eyeing this cute little houses for a while now. They sit near the mountain resort where my husband works in rural VA. I dropped him off at work this morning so I could have the car for the day, and took the opportunity to snap a few photos. I didn't linger very long because it was bitterly cold, my fingers were aching even through my mittens as I walked around taking pics with the car idling. I'd really like to go back when the weather is better. This is one of the rare locales where I think my two little boys could run around while I take photos, which is what prevents me from photographing many other abandonments I come across.

Anyway, there are three buildings, all of them made of stone. One seems to be some sort of storage building, and the other two are like miniature houses. Here is the storage building, which has a lone chimney next to it.

It looked like it might still be in use since it wasn't as dilapidated as the houses, so I left it alone.

House #1. They were teeny tiny, like the size of an apartment bedroom.

Each one had a small stall with a toilet inside, and a fireplace with chimney, along with some random extra junk (#1 had an extra toilet as you can see at the bottom of this pic)

House #2

The fireplace was not as obstructed by junk in this house. You can see a power outlet on the top left of the fireplace, so they had electricity.

It's a big flower(tree)pot!

Looking in the back window

I see a light socket still clinging to one of the roof beams

This stonework makes me drool, but the crack makes me sad.

Both little houses together, side by side for all time.

If anyone has any information on what kind of buildings these might be, I'd love to hear it. Seeing them from the highway I wasn't sure what they would be, and now it's obvious that someone was meant to spend time in them, but what for? They're too small to be actual houses, but the stonework seems like such a great measure to take for something that you wouldn't live in. And two of them together like's so curious! Anyone have any ideas?

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