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beautiful desolation

The Salton Sea must be a classic in this community. Here's a little more of it.

Winter is the time to go to the desert. About two hours east of LA is the Salton Sea, a large inland salt lake around 200 feet below sea level. It was a popular resort years and years ago, but now all that is slowly decaying, left for the birds and the few remaining residents.

Burned palms.

Abandoned cabanas on the beach.

Increasing salt levels and algae blooms have killed all but the hardiest of fish, and the beaches are covered with dried fish carcasses.

Still, it's startlingly beautiful and peaceful.

Millions of birds stop here on their annual migrations.

The area had some success as a resort in the 1950s, but that's all largely abandoned now. This is the playground of the North Beach Yacht Club, now slowly being buried in salt and sand.

These are numbers 14, 15 and 16, so there must have been a whole row of beach cabanas, 50 years ago or so.

Full hookups, $14.

Sans Souci Motel, Desert Shores. Closed.

Decaying but still pink. Salton Sea Beach.

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