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Pump Shed Presence

This pump shed is abandoned,
yet it's historic and along a walking path in Cataract Gorge in Launceston Tasmania Australia
I am posting it because it is NOT in use anymore
and i found a type of disturbing presence when i entered it which freaked me out alittle

some photos are bright and not so erie
it was a sunny, bright morning
can't help the weather
good walking weather though =]

there were heaps of these 'ditches' in the ground

Those pipes made the place seem erie

This was a building next to the shed
it has been vandalised
adds to the effect i think

All locked up

This travels into the underneath of the pump shed

There were two massive pipe lines running up the top of the mountain from the pump shed
it could be turning into a water slide
they were huge in circumference!

More on my trip below

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