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The Gingerbread Castle

F.H. Bennett was a man who remembered the wonder of childhood.
He wanted to create a place to bring families together through
the whimsical spirit of fairy tales.
The idea of Gingerbread Castle was truly conceived in the 1920's
when Bennett attended a stage show of "Hanzel and Grettle".
He took great interest in the props and stage scenery designed by Joseph Urban,
a world-renowned set designer of the time.
He approached Urban and a couple years later Gingerbread Castle was completed.

Opened in the 1930's, Gingerbread Castle was a children's park designed
around the Grimm brother's fairy tales.
Hanzel and Grettle took families on a tour throughout the grounds.
Along the way visitors were greeted by statues of various characters,
often depicted in famous scenes from the story books.

The castle itself was the highlight of the tour.
Guests were brought in through the "dungeon"
and up a spiraling staircase into the main hall of the castle.
Built out of peppermint sticks and icing, the walls were adorned with various treats.
High above Jack climbed a beanstalk whilst a giant peered over the room.

Today the castle sits abandoned in a lot.
Much of the paint is faded, and the figures are all but gone.
It seems the times of whimsy and fairy tales may be nearing an end...

- Historical Images -

We visited this place last summer...
Decided that since it's finally getting warm out, and we will soon be venturing to new places,
I should post anything worth seeing from the past year that I have not yet posted.
This video is an antique as far as our videos go...
It was the second video we had ever taken and edited,
so you will likely notice how rough and jagged it is compared to our newer stuff.
(Also that it's not in HD...)
Still, better than no video, right?

Also, anyone interested in the sad way that this all came to an end,
please check out the link below. It leads to an email written by the last owner of the castle...

Frank's Email

As always, thanks for your time.

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