I'm not here right now, I've gone to find myself (tiny_green_leaf) wrote in abandonedplaces,
I'm not here right now, I've gone to find myself

Explored: Brooksville School

 Long time lurker, first time poster.

I finally found something worthy, and finally had my first full exploration experience.  

I spied this hulking old beast from the highway about three weeks ago.  Every day after that, I found I could not shake this place from my memory.  I wanted to see it up close, and to me, it looked like something out of Silent Hill.  When I made my return trip, I did not see it, but it seems it must've been dark.  When I came back from that trip, luckily, I found my white whale again.  :)  

I could not have hoped for a better site for my first exploration.  This place was all the right amounts of accessibility, beauty, ugly, age, decay, and creep factor.  I'll admit, I totally wanted to bolt and I didn't know if I could really just walk into this place.  My mind was a constant array of, "What if, what if, what if. . ." 

My courage lost, but the curiosity bested it.  

However, my camera wasn't so strong of will, and died on me shortly, before coming back from the grave an hour down the road!  

Full Set at Flickr
Tags: abandoned, decay, decayed, mississippi, school, usa
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