Yo soy Peep! (gemini670) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Yo soy Peep!

Fort Ord, The Easter Edition

Or, "Why do I always end up here on holidays?"  Seriously. :D  We specifically picked a holiday this time around, figuring that there would be less security than usual.  I had found some photos online of an indoor pool at Fort Ord, something I'd never seen while on my excursions there.  I used Google Earth to help with my recon, and based on some key elements was able to locate what looked like the right building.  It's near a currently used and popular facility (which we had ironically passed by and stopped in front of SEVERAL times before) so bikenutt , alimjaved  and I decided that we'd have to go on the holiday in order to (hopefully) get in undetected.

The recon work and the holiday lull in activity surrounding the area paid off...


While we were excited to find the pool, it wasn't the only new discovery we would make on this trip.  After revisiting the large motor pool-turned-warehouse building, we stumbled upon a whole new area of the base we'd never come across before.  The place is just that massive.  It was like running around in some post-apocalyptic movie set or something, and was really kind of creepy when I looked around to realize that the guys had each gone their separate ways, leaving me standing in the middle of this abandoned block all alone.  It was just me and my camera, and off we went!

Thanks for looking!
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