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Ride through town

So after joing this group months ago, I decided that on one of my frequent mountain biking rides I'd bring a camera and photo some of the abandoned places and areas that I see. The last few I didn't go inside because it's right along the street, but perhaps someday and night I'll swing by. I'm by no means a professional photographer, but I hope you enjoy! All photos were taken in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Old Storage Shed?
We thought this was an old storage shed or something...

Old Storage Shed?
Inside the doorway. Notices the bones in the corner!

Old Storage Shed?
Like a cave...

Old Storage Shed?
Again, look at the bones, man!

Old Storage Shed?
Big Sharp Pointy Teeth!

Old Storage Shed?

Random House
The sun was in my way. This one would be kinda cool to explore more from the beach. Perhaps later..

Another house
Another house along the way

With a totem pole?
Note, these last few have been taken in Saxman, our Native American village, hence the totem pole.

Hey, it's an abandoned place...



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