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Georgia, Ochamchira , place abandoned by Russian "Peacekeeping"

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May. 4th, 2010 | 10:36 am
posted by: geeksnotes in abandonedplaces

more than 17 years since war has gone , place is still ruined ,



Approximately 400 Georgian families were killed[70] during the Abkhaz offensive on Ochamchire. Similar to Gagra events of 1992, the local inhabitants were driven to the city soccer stadium Akhaldaba.[70] Men, woman and children were separated from each other. Within hours, the men were executed while woman and teenagers were raped and later killed.[71] According to witness accounts, Abkhaz separatist organized detention camps where teenage girls and woman were kept for 25 days. During this period they were systematically raped and abused.[72] Besides the atrocities being committed on civilians, more than 50 Georgian prisoners of war were executed. The mass killing of civilians also occurred in other parts of Ochamchire district, mainly in Kochara (heavily populated by ethnic Georgians, pre-war estimates 5340 people lived in Kochara). Approximately 235 civilians were killed and 1000 houses were destroyed.[73]


The Georgian–Abkhazian conflict refers to the ethnic conflict between Georgians and Abkhazians in Abkhazia, which is presently a de facto independent partially recognized republic. In a broader sense, Georgian-Abkhaz conflict can be considered as part of a geopolitical conflict in the Caucasus region, intensified at the end of the 20th century in conjunction with the Collapse of the Soviet Union.

The conflict, one of the bloodiest in the post-Soviet area, remains unresolved. The Georgian government offered large autonomy to Abkhazia several times. However, both the Abkhaz separatist government and opposition refuse any forms of union with Georgia. Abkhaz consider their independence as a result of a war of liberation from Georgia, while Georgians believe that historically Abkhazia has always been part of Georgia. Georgians formed the single largest ethnic group in pre-war Abkhazia, with a 45.7% plurality as of 1989. Many accuse Eduard Shevardnadze’s government of the initiation of senseless hostilities, and then of ineffective conduct of the war and post-war diplomacy.[citation needed] During the war, the Abkhaz separatist side carried out full scale ethnic cleansing campaign which resulted in the expulsion of up to 250,000 ethnic Georgians and more than 15,000 killed.[1][2][3] The ethnic cleansing of Georgians has been recognized officially by the OSCE conventions of Lisbon, Budapest and Istanbul (also mentioned in UN General Assembly Resolution GA/10708).[4][5] UN Security Council passed series of resolutions in which is appeals for a cease-fire.[6]

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Julio Fuckfullnames

(no subject)

from: shootpplnotdope
date: May. 4th, 2010 09:06 am (UTC)

This is depressing and haunting.

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