Zachary Byron Helm (pyrotech_c3h8) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Zachary Byron Helm

Gates Rubber Company

Cross posted, sorry if you're seeing this a second time...

These are a few pictures from my exploration into Gates Rubber Company, a massive complex off of Broadway in Denver Colorado.

A few notes on this exploration - The complex is huge, 2 main buildings connected by a bridge with about 2 miles of underground tunnels and a basement that is Freddy Kruegers wet dream. There are places that we delved into inside this concrete tomb that were a bit scary because if anything had happened (one of us falling and getting injured, encountering a gang of stab crazy hobo rapists, fundamentalist Christians, etc) we would have been at least 10 minutes at a full run from any access point to the outside world.

One other aspect of this is that about a week before the majority of these pictures were taken there was an accident involving some ill prepared urban explorers who fell down and elevator shaft (here's a hint guys, using your cell phone as your primary light source does not constitute being prepared) and copper theft had led to elevated police presence.

Long story short, yours truly went to jail for these pictures. I have been caught exploring before but unfortunately this was one of those times where we weren't able to talk our way out of it and got the book thrown at us. If you live around Denver this is one of the only exploration points I highly advise steering clear of. Jail is by far one of the least pleasant things I have ever experienced, it was ALMOST as bad as most vegan food, which is saying a lot because very little on our planet sucks as much as food without Yellow #5 in it.

Vulcanizing machines for the tires on the 3rd floor. There was a lot more to this and since I don't feel like resizing all the images and reposting them here, if you are interested in a very detailed tour of the complex you can check out my journal entry here -
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