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Mixed feelings

Narrogin Drive-in

I lived and worked in Narrogin, a wheatbelt town about 2 hours south-east of Perth in Western Australia during most of 2007. On a walk one day I discovered this old abandoned drive-in. I always intended to take photos of it while I lived there but never got around to it.

This weekend I went down there again for a birdwatching trip in nearby Dryandra Reserve and managed to get into town for a bit. I assumed the drive-in would be covered with houses by now or something, but no, it was still there. As far as I can find, this drive-in closed in 1993.

Welcome to Narrogin Drive-in. Please purchase your tickets here.

The entry gates. Sorry about the blurriness of some of the photos. It had just started to rain and the lighting was at such a stage that the flash would go off only half the time.

I assume this was where the cash registers stood.

The brick building is where the projector was housed, as well as a cafeteria and toilet block.

The bitumen is now cracked and overgrown.

Not sure what this piece of equipment is.

Vandals have had a ball in here. Every Gyprock wall has been smashed.

The large space would have been the cafeteria/canteen area. Through the smashed walls you can see the toilet block. To the left is the projector room.

Old projector equipment.

I hope you weren't busting to use the loo. This was one of the more intact toilets that I could see. I didn't feel it was safe to investigate closer. There was mattress near here, I guess the place has the odd squatter.

Marka waz 'ere.

The view towards the screen. Ejax waz 'ere.

There are quite a few bits of bitumen which have been washed away over the years.

The screen. I didn't cross the long grass and weeds to take a closer look. Seems to have toppled over in one piece.

There are a LOT of car spaces here. I guess people would come from the many smaller nearby towns to see movies here.

Please tune in here... The tops had been removed from most of the poles leaving the wires exposed.

A view from the other side of the projection building.

One thing has changed since 2007. There were the remains of a playground as well. All I could find this time around was this bit of the ladder to the slide.

An old broken light that would have lit the driveway once upon a time.

Another old broken light out the front. Maybe this lit a sign showing what was screening?
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