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Stonework Slaughterhouse

To keep everyone here up-to-date with my current situation (like anyone really cares),
please be aware that I will be working on my up-coming publication for the entire summer and most of the fall.
That being said, I will try my damnedest to remain as active as possible here in this community.
Both in posting entries, and leaving feedback and comments for others.
I greatly enjoy the community environment found here, and would be lesser for it's absence.
Previously I have stated that I do not belong to any UE forums or groups.
This LJ community is my sole posting-grounds (aside from my personal blog) due to it's members
being intelligent and sincere... not delinquents and vandals.
I respect all of you here, and would like you to know that your words have been appreciated.

So, as I was saying... this project I'm currently working on has me pretty bogged-down.
On top of that, I am filming locations which I plan to use exclusively for the publication.
I want to make this thing as good as I can, and I feel including material found nowhere else is key in that.
However, I will post a "teaser" image or two at the end of my posts on occasion.
So you guys can see what's up...
This post is one of those entries, so check it out.

Forgive the long "prologue", I did not mean to ramble so much...
On to the entry proper:

I had not intended to go exploring when I shot the following images.
My purpose was just to get out and shoot "something", being as I was suffering from severe cabin fever...
This short set focuses on an old stone structure I was shown in the forest, many years ago.
It had been lost and forgotten to me until very recently, when I found myself in it's general vicinity.

Some local residents have said that it was at one time used a slaughterhouse.
I can not say with any certainty what it used to be, but this fact is not key to why I photographed it.
What attracted me to this place was it's unique shape and odd positioning on the steep embankment upon which it sits.
It's slender and tall form is at place with the trees here.

The structure is sealed very tightly, save the few open windows visible in the photos.
I was not much in a climbing mood, and being as this was a solo outing I decided not to risk injury.
Besides, it's not what's inside that enticed me to visit it...

Sorry no video today, I was alone on this outing.
Besides, there really wasn't much to capture video-wise...

As I stated above, here is a sample of what the glossy pages of the future holds:

Thanks for bearing with me, I know that was a lot of writing...
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