Atemissa (atemissa) wrote in abandonedplaces,

The Tube House

Hi guys!

This is "La casa de los tubos" or (The tube house) in Monterrey, Mexico (my city).

There are a lot of legends regarding that place, being abandoned for years before becoming a popular place for teenagers to go "seek ghosts".

One of the legends about this weird looking place is that the house belonged to a young family that had a paralized daughter. Her parents decided to construct her a comfortable house but in one of the visits to see how the place was going, the girl lost control of her chair and scooted out a window. (They say you can hear a woman crying).

The thing is the legend seems to be true because of the insides of the house composed of tunnels and ramps, perfect for a wheelchair to scoot through easily. Anways, judge for yourselves.

Pics not mine, taken from =)

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