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The Bennett School for Girls... HD

So, I have seriously been running all over the place, and there is still very much to do...
Even this coming weekend I'm hitting four locations in two different states.
However, as far as a job goes, there is far worse out there.
So my spirits are high, though on occasion my body may be tired and sore.

At any rate, my lady-friend/partner/videographer Christina ( deadgirl1307 ) re-visited the old Bennett Finishing School recently.
The purpose of her visit was to re-film the location in HD video, which I plan to share in with this entry.
Additionally, I have spoken with a few alumni of the Bennett School via email.
One was kind enough to give me many old images of the place, including old design papers.
(Check them out after the cut)

For those of you who had not seen my post about the Bennett School, know that it's one of my favourite locations which I had ever stepped foot inside.
It's truly a timeless entity, though time has not been kind to it.

To see my photography work with the Bennett School, drop by my blog:
The Bennett Finishing School for Girls
Admittedly I have progressed with working a camera since I took those, but they are still worth a look...

Before I link the video, I would like to put the text which I have on my blog prior to the images.
I feel it sets a proper tone in which to view the film...


Originally built in 1890 as a resort, Halcyon Hall very quickly came to a different use.
By 1900 it had become the "Bennett Finishing School For Young Women", the name and purpose by which it died...

James E. Ware was the chief architect behind the halls majestic lines and form.
Constructed primarily in wood and stone, the structure has equal parts elegance and frailty to it.
Ornate carvings can still be found adorning the corners and peaks, reminding passers by that it once stood with dignity upon it's hilltop.

The Bennett School's purpose was the teaching of fine arts and language for young women,
most of which were the daughters of industrialists, bank presidents, and other "well-to-do" people of the time.
Bennett was the kind of place where you would find afternoon tea.

As time progressed, and minds opened, the Bennett school began to be cast in a sexist light.
No longer was it proper for young women to attend finishing school, it was immoral.
To battle this, and to attempt to change it's course as a house of learning,
in the 1970's the school expanded from a 2-year, to a 4-year college.
Sadly, these additions and expanded curriculum only delayed the inevitable, and Bennett sealed it's doors in 1977.

Some places hold on to time differently than others.
Within the halls of Bennett it is still an era of floor-length dresses, horseback riding, bonnets, and the long forgotten art of the curtsy.
The very fibers of the decaying wood walls excrete these ideals, and cast them in long shadows across the filth-covered floors.
The smell of lavender, and the sound of softly played piano are almost expected,
even in the damp and the dark ,which have so gently replaced them.

Thank you all for your time.
I promise I will have a proper post when next I stop in.
New location, new pictures, new story.

Until then,
~Rusty Tagliareni

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