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Abandoned mines...

Coniston Copper Mines

(Abandoned Copper Mine - 4 more photos)

I've always had a facination with abandonded places, thought it was a bit odd to be honest, no one else seemed to be quite as enthralled as me with peeling paintwork and dark, dank places with rust creeping across every surface...

But this place is none of those things. This abandoned (copper, I think, either copper or tin) mine in Coniston (in the Lake district (UK)) was last operational around the 1930s and since then it's remoteness and the the climate there have enabled it to gently collapse without too much help from passing people. The mine workings cover the mountain, there are little openings, some of which end where they've collapsed, and some of which wend their way into the moutain; albeit with sudden, gaping maws into which unwary explorers fall.

This section of the mine workings has clearly been stripped of the copper from the motors/generators, and has then been left to nature's destructive power. There will, probably, be more to follow. I've not developed the film shots from our time there, these are just the digital shots....

Coniston Copper Mines

 Coniston Copper Mines

 Coniston Copper Mines

 Coniston Copper Mines

Incidentally, the last shot was taken by my girlfriend Trey, not by me...

The actual mine offices are much further down the mountain and in use as a Youth Hostel, and the building still contains the original company safe, as well as some other rather nice bits of history...

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