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Abandoned Gents....[2]

Okay, I don't have an obsession with Gents Loos, although it might look that way...

Urinal in Bristol

This urinal has stood unused for at least 6 or so years (when I first visited to Bristol), I would guess it's been out of use for a lot longer than that. I first noticed the Ladies toilet (it stuck in my head, because it didn't initally look any more dilapidated than the usual council toilets, so I presumed it was actually in use still, just closed when I went past). Having realised it was closed I kept thinking I should go and photograph it, it being a very neat little building with a nicely carved 'LADIES' block slowly collapsing above the doorway.

But I never did.

Then I noticed this little bit of rusty green sticking out from the hedges behind, and I realised that there was actually a victorian urinal behind there too; which made it more tempting, but I still failed to get round to it. Today I finally got down to take a photo and found that they'd demolished the Ladies toilet block - and not a short time ago, but thankfully the urinal at least remains.

Urinal in Bristol

Urinal in Bristol

Urinal in Bristol

Urinal in Bristol

It actually stands right next to a main road junction, and is no longer hidden. I'm wondering if the council are planning to save it, or if it's just survived because it's not become dangerous from lack of maintainance (I presume the slipping stone above the doorway of the ladies sealed it's fate).

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