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Abandoned Warrior Motel

Link to the set on flickr:

My boyfriend and I took a vacation to Cherokee last week. We found this motel while we were looking for another abandoned motel. (Pictures of that later on.)

I can't really find much information on it (links near the bottom of this post) but from what I can tell it was abandoned some time in 2006.

We found the lack of vandalism/looting to be the creepiest part of this place. We felt like we were being watched the entire time. Actually, I think we were. I kept expecting zombies to come creeping out of the bushes. Or Rob Zombie. Either would not have surprised me.

Forgive any broken links. Tell me and I'll try to fix them. I've always used photobucket but because of bandwidth limits I've created a flickr account and I'm also figuring out how to link through my own website.

Please do not take these images (though compelling) without adding the caption "Amber Dawn is awesome" or some variance of the phrase including my name and the fact that I do not suck. From what I can tell, we have the most photos of the Warrior Motel that the internet has to offer. Everybody else just cares about the sign.

Here are the pictures I took:

You can see the (former) neon tomahawk better in this picture.

Front Desk. The green sign said "In God We Trust." The cash register was really old but I couldn't get a closeup.

There weren't any "No Trespassing" or "Keep Out" signs of any sort so of course I wanted to go inside and explore further. The doors were wide open.

My boyfriend said no. He said we had to draw the line somewhere. I think he was creeped out by the fact that it was too inviting. He was afraid the owners might see us and call the police or that there might be a crazy homeless person inside. I was prepared for both, unless of course, the crazy homeless person had a weapon. Admittedly, I did feel like we were being watched. I also didn't really care because this place was amazing.

Also though, my boyfriend asked me to marry him the next day so I guess he didn't want to ruin that by getting arrested or murdered.

I don't understand how this place could be completely unguarded and wide open and no one had broken any of the glass or stolen this great retro furniture. I wouldn't have stolen it but I might have sat on it.

Mammoth TV. I wonder if they put it in when the motel was built. Probably. I wonder if they still used it up until they closed. Probably not.

I wonder if all of the TV's in the rooms were like this. I doubt it, I mean, not if they had remotes. (wow! remote controls!) I didn't see any TV's in any of the open rooms but a lot of them didn't have furniture anymore. Plus, I wasn't allowed to go inside, even if he came with me. :(

Another sign from the same area. Color TV!!! I think this hotel was still open, though.

Look at the linen closet room. I told him, if there were vagrants, they sure were respectful. I think this is one of the things that started to freak him out. (We did not touch a single thing. We didn't even open any doors.)

The other side of the linen room. I don't know what those things on the shelves were. Toolboxes maybe. VCR's. There's no telling. They look like typewriter cases to me.

Big block in the middle is.....?

ice machine.

view from the front where the check-in/lobby area was

Picnic Area (umbrellas in the middle)

My window reflection

You will see throughout this post that the motel once had all of the things their sign was advertised. Except I don't know what a water garden is. There was an empty swimming pool between this and another motel which was probably open. I wanted to get pictures but we didn't get to go over there.

The other side of the hotel. The part to the far left is the window to the check in/lobby.

There were storage units next door. I swear there was a pool and a hotel not far from this but we ended up having to leave before we explored that side. We both had on flip-flops and he didn't want me walking in the tall grass. Silly boyfriend fiance, why you gotta love me so much?

What I think now is that, even after the motel closed, the people who owned it continued to stay here and maintain it. This little house-piece doesn't look very lived in, though.

No Vacancy. Oh, or plenty of vacancy, depending on how you look at it.

Here is the picnic area I mentioned. I really wanted to walk over to it but again, tall grass. I wanted to see if there was a playground. I have a thing for abandoned playgrounds.

Here is the lobby/check-in/carport area. You can see the storage units through the window. The hole in the lobby wall probably contained an air conditioner.

Would've loved to have one of these in our kitchen or on our deck.

Admittedly, I came this close to taking one of these. We just got our own house and we are in need of a welcome mat. The only time I believe in stealing taking things is when they are perfectly awesome things that will clearly never be appreciated again and will only be left to further deteriorate into uselessness. I call it "reasonable acquisition." Clearly the motel owners aren't going to come back for this mat. It's not even at the door. There were a few that were but this place was too creepy for even reasonable acquisition to be reasonable. I really do believe we were being watched.

We think this room may actually have been occupied. There was trash everywhere, including a bag of trash hung at the door.

I wanted to explore the rooms and maybe even the far side of the hotel. I wasn't afraid but I didn't want him to get upset or worry about me so I called him over. Plus, at this point, there really could've been a scary homeless person and I am just a tiny little girl-lady. 4'10, 95lbs of pure guts & bravery, though probably lacking in effective defense techniques.

You no park here. This was the only thing that even resembled a "keep out" sign. We respected it and didn't park there.

Reminds me of a drawing assignment I once had. I hated that assignment.

When I bent down to take this picture I said, "Hello," and my boyfriend freaked out a little because he thought I was talking to an animal. No, future husband, I was talking to a welcome mat.

An air conditioning unit. At least I'm pretty sure that's what it is. I think someone had salvaged the copper wire.

Spaces where the beds used to be.

There is the cable, now where is the TV? And the remote? They better take that sign down if it's going to advertise things they don't actually have!! (...and put it in a sign museum because it's awesome!!)

This is the last picture I got to take before we left. This place is going to be eaten alive by kudzu.

Here are the pictures he took with his iphone.

He was there to take artsy photos (and probably to make me happy. I got so excited when I saw this place.) I was there to explore and document.

Here I am really wanting to go inside. The door was open!! WIDE OPEN!!


I do love the retro effect. People were just driving by. I was ready to explain to anyone that I was interested in photographing abandoned photos as opposed to arsony. If the owner had actually shown up I was prepared to take their address and send them copies in exchange for a welcome mat and a tour. It would've made my day, actually.


What is this? (near the picnic area) You see why I wanted to explore in the grass? We were going to come back later with jeans and shoes but he didn't pack anything but shorts and I ended up getting kind of sick from the heat. Then there was a thunderstorm. He promised we'd go back when the weather gets colder.

The room that may have been occupied.

The, uhh, thing.

We were going to walk all the way down to the end but we didn't.

Here I am walking towards the end of the hotel. I was kind of tired of repetitive rooms and wanted to see if there was anything different down there. An ancient soda machine, a swingset, a serial killer, etc....

I am very small.


He actually looked inside. I stayed away from it. We are weird, I guess. I'll venture into the woods and he'll take a photo of a room that might have a dead hooker in it.

Creepy. I don't know if he edited the photo to enhance this shadow or what.


pretty clouds.

A crockpot. For no reason.

The picnic area.

And now let us go back to this photo:

We reached a point where he'd had enough creepy. It looked like a scene from a video game. Like some post-apocalyptic scene. And there was nobody keeping people from (like ourselves) from just being there for whatever reason. We felt like we were being watched.

About the time he took this photo he said he wanted to leave. It was just to creepy. I asked if we could come back later and expressed how I wasn't afraid. He said he wasn't either, he just had a weird feeling.

Like someone timed it, we heard this "AAOOO-OOO-OOO-OOOOOOH! OOO-OOOOOOOH!" sound coming from the woods. Admittely, I began to walk faster. I was totally cool with leaving.

We don't know if it was an animal, a person, or a vehicle. He thinks it was a moped on the highway just echoing. I think it was whoever lived in that room, hiding out behind the hotel. They saw us coming closer to where they were and wanted us to leave. It worked.

I definitely plan to revisit.


Here is a picture of the warrior motel sign in which you can change the caption to whatever you want. Apparently there was a mobile home near where the road cone is in our photos. We saw no evidence of it.

A list of mom & pop motels in North Carolina. Has the address & phone number of the warrior motel.

This post is from 2007. The poster says it appears to be abandoned. I believe this photo is shot from the road. The same angle as the picture with my boyfriend's back. Close to the carport/lobby area.

Apparently they sponsored a racecar. Or a toy racecar. Comes as no surprise.

Here is someone's blog. If you scroll almost all the way down you will see an entry with a picture of the warrior motel sign from 2005. It appeared to be open.


I found this postcard on ebay. It looks like the entire center of the complex aside from the sign was torn down and replaced by grass and fences (the "picnic area") I wish there were more photos to chronicle its demise.


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