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3600 Peter's Colony: Part 1

I made an amazing find today! There has been an old abandoned house sitting ten minutes from me, and for 10 years I had no idea it existed. The house is in Flower Mound, Texas, USA, a little churches-and-soccer-moms town right next to Lewsivlle and the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. 10 years ago, Flower Mound shared the same zip code as Lewsiville cause it was small.. and the area has grown to such lengths that all the new development has erased most of the older houses and the fields that alot of people raised horses on. It's kind of sad. Here's a bad map:


The side that's Wellington is all new houses, fences, and baby trees. Across the street it's all old houses, giant trees, and abandoned cars, etc. When you cross the road it feels like you're stepping back into time. Ok^^ Onto the house! (I apologize for the blurriness in some of the pictures. It's a bit difficult for me to keep my hands still, but I tried really hard^^)

Part 1: the Front, the Driveway and related, two Inside shots, and the Left side

The house is a ranch, meaning it's one-story. I have my photos divided up so everyone will know where everything goes:

Front part 1

Front part 2

Front part 3

Part 1 photos:

Close up of the wall

Corner of the Front and Left side

Part 3 photos:
By the way, that is not a light on inside the house, it's the light shining through a covered window on the opposite wall.

From the street

From the tree

This is the driveway. It curves up to the right side and back of the house. From there I shall show you pictures of the right side, the back side, and the shed (tomorrow).

Mail Box Stand

A phone book

Beginning of the Driveway

See the green stuff on the right in the previous picture? I got closer and I realized those were grapes! Concords, I think. Very sour little bastards.

I walked up the Driveway, and I turned around and took this picture.

Here's the fence next to the driveway, bordering the house with that grey car in the driveway.

More Fruit~

I'm sure you're all wondering...did I get inside? Not...yet. The land is for sale, the house was deemed unfit for living and will be torn down. I called the phone number on the For Sale sign, and explained to the guy on the phone (really sweetly) that I'm part of a group that's really interested in abandoned houses (*cough* LJ), and I wanted to take pictures of the inside before it was torn down. He's going to try and contact the owner of the house (apparently it's hard to get a hold of her), and see if I can get inside. He even suggested he would come with me so I didn't hurt myself on all the junk inside. So, it's pending^^ I did, however, snap two pictures through the front door, hence the blurriness. Dirty, dirty glass:

Giant TV!

Oh, and the Left Side of the house. It's so covered in nature that I was kinda scared to go through it.
From the Front:

From the Back: I have no idea what that orange light is.

I took a ton of pictures, wanting to capture this house before it's destroyed forever. Tomorrow I will upload
Part 2: the Front Yard, the Swing, the Right Side, and the Shed with it's debris.
The day after that,
Part 3: the Roof, the Back (4 parts, huge amount of pics) and the Back Yard

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